Hi Anja, We would like to comission one of your beautiful works for Claire’s 30th. Claire is the warmest, most generous, thoughtful human so this is our way of paying tribute to her. Please can you draw Claire with her husband Guy and their 3 year old Leo (please do a dinosaur on Leo’s t-shirt – he’s obsessed) plus their doggos, Pip (please make pip super fluffy) and Harvey (A food loving lab). They’ve recently completely changed their lives and moved to Kommetjie so we’d love them against the background of the beach. They got married at langkloof roses so we’d like a rose/s in there, and a butler’s pizza box because they met when they were both working there. Claire is an artist – I have attached a picture of her birds – could you copy some of them flying through the sky? She likes to wear patterns and prints so maybe a reference to that too? Thanks so much! Note- some of the photos I’ve uploaded are quite old so Leo is out of date but they’re nice ones of Guy and Claire.

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