I want to get this as a surprise to my husband for our 1 year wedding anniversary. I’d love for it to be a couples portrait of us. He is in love with everything superman, is a full-time actor and musician (his band is called Cherry Vynil and he plays guitar/ukulele and sings), is part of a beard oil company called Bearded Brothers, and is always the life of the party! I oversee a creative media department and have a passion for music as well. He loves the ocean and I love anything adventurous/outdoorsy. We don’t have children yet but we do have quite a few succulent/cacti plant babies (I may have a slight obsession). I’m American & He is South African (Afrikaans) so I’d love it if you could put the title in Afrikaans! Our wedding date is 18 November 2017 and I’d love it if you could put it somewhere in our picture (maybe that will be my next tattoo… 😄). I can’t wait to see what you come up with and create!

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