Helllllo friend! Hows everything going?! Hope 2020 is treating you spectacularly! Two of my friends (Devin you actually met at Grove once!) are getting married – and of course I would love to gift them a commission from you! They are getting married on 9 April in SA, but I can only get 11 April as your closest available date, if it’s available before, I can pick it up, but if not, no worries! Ok, so the brief: Dev is from South Africa, and Charlotte from Manchester. They met and still live in Dubai. I am thinking maybe a travel type of theme… We have all travelled to Budapest and Cambodia together. So maybe we can incorporate landmarks from these places? ie. The Burj Khalifa (Dubai), Table Mountain (SA), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), the Union Jack flag (UK), and then in Budapest there were these giant white letters which spelt Budapest and we climbed on (Image attached). Dev & Charlotte both love a good party! So feel free to add in a cocktail for her, and a beer for him! They also love a braai (if there is space, or maybe the travel stuff takes up too much space). They’re getting married at Die Woud, so perhaps some forest. Ok, ok, I think I have filled the page. I am just trying to give as much info as possible! Perhaps they should be wearing wedding clothes, but I am not sure what her dress looks like… So maybe just normal civilian clothing. There may be too many ideas here, but if you do need any more info, let me know. Thanks friend! And I will be in SA for the wedding, so can come collect. If it’s not available before we leave for their wedding on 8 April, I just need to be sure to get it to them before they leave SA on 13 April. Thank you x

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