Now me please 🙂 Ok, can I please get a portrait of Folu and I? I am only going to give to him later in July, but thought I should get it done while I am around in SA now… We moved to LA in August last year (to Venice Beach to be exact). Folu is British (born in Wales though), and me, South African (duh). So it might be nice to include to include some LA things like the Venice sign (I’ll attached it too), palm trees, and Hinanos (our favorite, grossest bar), as well as some CT things because that’s where we met ie. Table Mountain, or the Red Bus Tour (we loved doing that). Folu favorites which can be included: playing guitar, singing Karaoke, potjie, and recently discovered Brandy & Coke which he now loves. He works at Red Bull, it is naturally a large part of our lives – so somewhere we can have a Red Bull sign, or can of RB. He’s probably wearing a plain Tee, probably a John Elliot one. Sometimes he wears glasses, sometimes contacts. My favorites: I cycle to yoga every morning, and then freelance from home or from a local cafe. You can include some design things, maybe some pattern designs or something which alludes to art / design. Love the beach and we’re there most weekends – although I don’t need to be in a bikini! Plain black t-shirt and pants, although I may have a patterned jacket or accessory. We’ll most likely each have a drink in our hands as well! I’ll have wine or White Claw, and Folu will have a beer or White Claw. Let me know if you need anymore info xxx

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