I wish I could write an articulate little story about our pic, but I birthed a small human a few weeks ago and the brain has taken a back seat rn 🙂 Please can I get a family portrait (him and I, our baby and 3 cats) for Petes birthday… we love good food, travelling and most importantly, chilling at home About us: Vanessa (me) – new momma, designer, crafter crocheter Pete – designer, surfer yogi, loves fixing up vespas, Jamie AKA paw paw – our new baby boy, just arrived in March Chloe AKA gugs – streetwise lady full of cheek but a softy at heart Kitten AKA pet – full of love for her dad, prone to anxiety Fred AKA pinkpaw – huge fluffy gentle giant, not the smartest Perhaps we are sitting on ratbike, surrounded by cats? I’m open to ideas. Pete needs to be wearing that Peace in the Valley Tshirt tho. Flip, he clearly loves that shirt. Otherwise, I can’t really think. Lord – how do you illustrate a baby? I can take more pics if you like :/ Perhaps squizz through both our instagram feeds, I’m open to ideas 🙂 Let me know if you need more/better pics, I can make a plan… v

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