Please draw my brother Merrick and his (now) wife Carine, on their roadtrip they did by motorbike. It’s a special one because she came all the way from Norway to do it – it’s when they realised they were serious about each other. He moved to Norway soon afterwards! Please include my family on a billboard along the highway. Just because he lives so far away, doesn’t mean he isn’t thought of or missed – we’re always thinking of him / watching over him. (Feel free to make up your own brand and have some fun). Please somehow include our doggos, I was thinking maybe patches on Merrick and Carine’s leather jacket, but maybe you’ll have a better idea. Please use the Outeniqua mountains as a background (we’re originally from George) and Aurora borealis (to represent Norway). Thanks again Anja for squeezing this in! ps: you can post from 30/06/18 as his birthday’s on the 29th

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