Hi Anja, my boyfriend is turning 40 today and let’s just say he’s NOT too thrilled about hitting the big 4.0 😉This is a birthday gift that I know will brighten his day. He loves the ocean, surfing and if he could eat, sleep, (wear the t-shirt) and drink Coca-Cola he would 😂He really would do well as their mascot! There is never a dull moment with Scott. He also struggles through winter as he misses summer so much. He adores his son, Lincoln who is 9. Lincoln is obsessed with Pokemon, Minecraft and is usually carrying around some cardboard cut out of a sword that Scott has made for him. Perhaps he could be holding Bulbasaur or Pikachu? Or maybe one could be on his t-shirt? I’ll leave that up to you. I have two fur babies, Willow (baby bear) who is a calico cat and is very naughty (just over 1 years old). Our other cat called Kiki (aka black bear) is Scott’s favorite and can usually be found anywhere he is really. These days you can usually find me in glasses with my hair down and I love photography! Can’t wait to see what you come up with, I know it’ll be amazing!

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