A family Portrait as a gift to my partner for his birthday on the 7th of September (would it at all be possible to have it ready a few days earlier than said date to account for this? No problem if not) Featuring us & our 2 tuxedo rescue cats. I am happy for you to use from the below what you think works best. The only problem I foresee is we hardly ever take photos of ourselves. I hope the ones I manage to dig up are good enough! A bit about us all: Jurie (my partner) is an animator and we met in our first year of college 10 years ago. He grew up in Hong Kong, and his interests include animating (obviously), playing guitar, space, anime, science & growing weed. Definitely throw a leaf or joint in there. He loves a good beer – usually a Tafel or Stella – but he’ll take a joint over a beer any day. He wears a plain black t-shirt at least 5 days a week, with black jeans & black high top vans. His hair is medium length and brown. We’re mostly an all-black/grey couple haha. I’m a graphic designer. I love nature, plants (our apartment is a jungle), photography, punch needling and my cats. I’m a fun jersey collector and can be usually spotted wearing one (anything from Bart Simpson, to pink elephants, and eyeballs). I have dark brown hair, normally died with purple/red tints in it, with bangs. Ziko & Yuki are our 2 rescue tuxedo cats. Yuki is black and white and is 2 years old – he’s the older brother. Ziko is dark grey & white and he is 7 months. They both have similar markings on their face. I know this is typical, but I’ve attached their Instagram page for you to take a look at ALL the photos as reference: They have such different personalities! Yuki is the chilled older brother who LOVES outdoor adventure time, and also likes his space. He’s never been into cuddles or sitting on laps. His favourite toy is a stick or a hair tie. Ziko on the other hand can’t be left alone, constantly wants to be in the action and wants to be on and around us at all times. He’s a super cuddly & loveable guy. His favourite toy is a piece of string or his toy mouse. We spend about an hour every day in the garden playing with the cats. We take them with us to Jurie’s parents holiday house in Yzerfontein. We enjoy nature together, doing yoga, travelling and creating together. Neither of us really use Facebook, but since Instagram is filled with our work and not photos of ourselves – here are links in case you need to snoop for more ref. A note that I have emailed the photos separately through to you – some are still attached as I was having an error. I hope this is enough! I would be happy to provide you with any information I have missed.

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