We all work in the Sports Department of St Mary’s DSG Pretoria, and we are unfortunately losing one of our own to Hong Kong later this year. Could you please draw Carli (long blonde hair) sitting on her motorcycle, looking like a Viking warrior (because she is an angel faced bad ass) with her hair blowing behind her. She needs to be the main character front and centre so to speak. The setting is a gorgeous view beyond a deck with a swimming pool to the side. (She was the Head of Swimming, so could you please change the pool in the picture to be a gala pool – lanes and all?) Could you then please please place the rest of us in the background, all wearing our sports uniform? We wear light/skye blue gholf shirts with navy shorts (see pic for reference). Each of us are Head of a different sport, so it would be awesome if you could have us holding a ball/racket accordingly. •Vossie is the boss lady aka Head of Sport Department (short blonde hair) – please make her look as naughty as she is and give her a badge that says ‘boss lady’ •Neo is our vice Head of Dep, and Head of Basketball. He is insanely tall and thin. Please give him a basketball. •Janine is our Head of Jnr Netball (long brown hair and massive smile). She is always laughing and up for a jol. Please give her a netball. •Christine is Head of Squash (med length brown hair, wears glasses). She is a double World Deaf Squash Championship winner, so please give her a squash racket. •Wikus is the ultimate charmer Head of Tennis, great legs! Please give him a tennis racket. •I am Head of Hockey (med blonde hair), so I’ll need a hockey stick. If you could have the School’s name somewhere (St Mary’s DSG Pretoria), that would be great. I am very excited to see what you come up with for us!

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