We are getting married in August amd we would love to have an illustration from you on our wedding invite, (as well as against the wall in our new home.) About us: we met on tinder in 2018, and had our first coffee date at The Power and The Glory, and it just got better from there. Since then we’ve both finished studying, and currently I’m working as a farrier’s apprentice, and Jeani is working as a freelance performing artist. We’re both pretty creative people and we love our vintage/thrifted clothes. We would love for it to be an illustration of us standing in The Power and the Glory (photo of us standing next to one another where I’m wearing a hat as reference) (outfit inspo also from that photo). Then there are a couple of sentimental things that we’d also like in the illustration: we’d love for Jeani to be holding her accordion, we’d like a horseshoe up on the wall somewhere, and if possible a picture up on a shelf or something of Saartjie. Saartjie being my old 1980 bakkie that has taken us on many beautiful adventures, but is sadly now being sold. Lastly, if you think it could work to incorporate a piece of the makeup mirror that’s in one of the photos that would be really cool. Dankie Nanna.

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