Hey Nanna. I would like to give my folks one of your drawings for Christmas. They have been married for over 30 years and are still crazy about each other. My dad is the best person in the world and has the most amazing and sometimes dry sense of humour. He is super chill but even while in his 60s, still plays SA water polo, so could you please draw him in a white T-shirt with either a water polo ball or or coelacanth (the ancient fish is their team logo) on it? He has this silly skew smile (when he actually smiles for pics) so it has to be in the drawing please. My mom is super sweet and always believes in the best in everyone. She is one of the most talented people I have ever encountered. She pots, does various sports, plays saxophone and writes poetry (I’m sure I’m forgetting things…). Would you be able to draw her with a pencil behind her ear and maybe an amber necklace? Importantly, she has dimples when she smiles so that has to be in the drawing. She hates them but its one of the things about her I hold dearest. Then…the dogs. If you think my folks love each other, you have no idea how much they love the dogs so they have to be in the drawing. There are four: Mojo is the not-too-smart-but-super-sweet Labrador with a pink nose, Zana is the lanky and lovable Canis Africanis with amber eyes and skew ears, Loelie is the golden child silver/ salt-and-pepper schnauzer and Sophie is the rescue scottie with the sassiest attitude ever. The background needs to be the view from our beach house, please. It’s where we are all at our happiest and its beautiful. It’s of the Mosselbay skyline across the ocean. There is a lighthouse on the point of the landscape so if you could add that it would be great as it doesn’t show on the reference pic. I can’t wait to see what you do with this and I’m super excited. Yay!

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