Hey Nanna! I’d also like to give my sister and her husband one of your drawings for Christmas. Let me start with the background and personal touches: Please could you draw them in the bushveld with some thorn trees, in the evening under the stars. They have been married for 2 years now and they, along with their dogs, are the coolest little family. I gave them a star-themed thing as a wedding gift so if you could add the Taurus and Sagittarius star sign constellations in the sky it would be fantastic. Lilani and Henk love to cook together so if you could add a potjie (maybe) and two glasses of red wine it would be great. Lilani is the funniest person you could ever wish to meet. She’s beautiful and charming and entertaining. She has magical eyes and the best smile. Her most famous features, however, are her hair, its crazy curly and bushy, and her nose which is slightly up-turned or rather “’n wip neus.” Please draw her hair in mad curls and the biggest smile on her face. Henk is the coolest bro-in-law any person could hope for. He’s such a kind and sweet guy and he’s also very funny. He (currently) has a moustache and he has a love of bright colours. Please draw him with his yellow beanie. He is outdoorsy and used to ride MotoGP bikes. He has some pretty cool tattoos as well so if you could add his Arica shaped tat on his inner forearm it would be great. The dogs are their kids so of course they have to be in the drawing as well. They have two black labradors – Eadie and Rigby. Eadie is a real girly-girl and is even nicknamed “squeak” because of the noises she makes. Rigby is the biggest dude in the world and has this super deep bark. Both have the best temperament and love being spoiled with toys and balls and treats. Again, I can’t wait to see what you do with my random description and I’m so excited. Yay!

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