Oh my hat, uhm. Ok, Chris and I were were each other’s first love (Cheese galore), back to high school days! I think I drove him mad, and he broke up with me and our paths would not cross again for many years. Chris could never entirely forget me, and started stalking me as an adult.. Chris lived in the UK for 9 years, but a few years ago made a point of meeting up with me for a drink while down in Cape Town on holiday. He invited me to Europe for a couple of holidays (Not in my wildest dreams) or flew down to South Africa for long weekends when the longing became too much he decided to give up his life in London and we tied the not 2 years ago. Despite my irrational fear of flying we LOVE London, ADORE Italy and try and travel there as often as possible. Would have a drip with pizza and wine constantly flowing in our veins. Slightly obsessed with football, Chris more so than me. His team is, yes, Italy, mine Germany. He has traveled the world to watch games. Chris’s spirit animal is David Bowie, his cat. (David Bowie – also his favourite artist) I think he would have loved the idea of David attending our wedding…the cat, not the artist..or both? We also have a dog, Bisous who is a slightly odd Boston Terrier. I think her eyes pop out slightly more than others. Our nicknames – Chris is wolf and I am fox. He likes the colour orange, I love green. Oh wait, this is a black and white portrait…nevermind. We are very outdoorsy. Also, we got married in Riebeek Kasteel – at the Riebeek Kasteel hotel. Its very West Anderson kinda vibe. Also, PLEASE can you bring in Don Quixote somehow? Its his favourite book character. Maybe on his shirt. I guess things to include – airplanes, passports (as we travel a lot) our cat, our dog, the hotel we got married at, italy map, pizza, wine, please dont draw Chris with too little hair (LOL), soccer ball or boots, we also love tigers, I love wearing floral prints, chris actually is more of a suit and cuff-links guy but then how will he wear a don quixote shirt…..also include a wolf and fox. OK, I am done.

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