Hi Anja, man I love your work! It’s our 2nd wedding anniversary on 25 February 2019, and my husband, Eugene, turns 32 on 28 February 2019. I am a total ditz and forgot his birthday three days after our wedding, and then forgot our wedding anniversary in 2018..! (How does this man still love me?) I would love it if you could draw the two of us, along with our four-legged kids. We have the “Hoofseun”, Lukas – a black lab who proudly wears a tag “Daddy’s Boy” with the most incredible eyes. Then there’s the little mixed-breed Jack Russel-rescue, Lexi. Of course the corniness continues with her “Mommy’s Girl” tag. She has a bad ass beard and massive ears that hear everything in stereo..! These two travel everywhere with us. We love going to the Misty Mountain (Magoebaskloof) where I grew up; here they swim in the waterfall all day. Lukas swims in far into the falls and retrieves a lighthouse-toy that Lexi then steals from him as soon as the gets back to shallow-enough water. We then have to chase her to try get the toy back (that she pretends to have fetched all by herself). All in all = They are helluva entertaining! We also have two cats – a caramel shaded long-haired ginger boy, as well as a small white and ginger girl with the cutest ginger spot on her cheek. These are the dogs’ best friends. Eugene and I play a lot of hockey. We’re pretty obsessed. In all honesty; I’m likely the more obsessed one as I’ve been playing since I was three years old. Eugene was a talented rugby player and cyclist who quickly realised he wasn’t going to see much of his wife if he didn’t also ‘convert’… For the majority of the year, you’ll find us on or next to the field, with the dogs not far behind. I am so excited to see what you come up with for us. Kind Regards and Happy Drawing Clara

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