Hi Anja, I really love your work and I’d be so happy if you could draw my fiancé and I. I was a little late with planning this for his 30th, but if it could be delivered by the 10th of May that would be amazing as it’s our 9-year anniversary. We don’t have a ton of pictures of ourselves, so sorry in advance for the slim pickings, I hope they’ll work out. The ones with his head shaven and my hair long are the most recent. Jono and I met at Mercury at a Van Coke Kartel gig when we were studying at UCT, so any element from that would be great. Jono grew up in Mauritius, and I grew up in East London, and we both really miss being close to the sea (currently living in JHB). We moved to China after graduating to a city called Ningbo and loved the experience and adored the food, so dumplings or noodles could be included. We are happiest when exploring and a trip that stood out for both of us was to Georgia, where we had the best time wandering around, eating Khachapuri and drinking wine. We have a black & white kitten called Katsu that we found at the end of last year and fell in love with, so please include him if you can. Otherwise, you can go wild. If you need extra details: we’re getting married at the end of the year in the Cederberg, so anything with mountains, foliage or stars would be great (it’s exactly a half moon on our wedding date). Jono loves cooking, exploring new places, politics, history, and interesting beer; I usually have a notebook and pen – or camera –nearby and love reading.

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