Hi Anja Hope you all good I would like the below if possible ,this is going to be a A4 tattoo in black so no colour on the back of my thigh so could the drawing be the square drawing shape and not the oval shape drawing so the full A4. It will be a pic of my daughter Emma Ive asked her favourites things she loves and likes she knows you going to draw a carton of her and Ive added my things I love about her Toys • Her soft bunny • Lego • Barbie’s • Starwars (be nice to have like a X wing flying in the garden or a big AT-AT Walker like above her etc.)I love star wars so she’s grown up with it Activities • She also loves being outside in the garden • We has a family love listing to music and watching music videos • She loves reading books (so you could have a TV in the pic with a nice bookshelf with books on it ) • She also loves watching TV • Swimming • riding her bike ( so just a bike is fine ) • Colouring in pictures • Loves the Aquarium Food • Hot chocolate • Milk shakes • Pizza • Cottage pie • Apples • Bananas Animals • Penguins • Cheetahs So the vision I kind of see is Emma in the middle at the bottom of the drawing because the bottom half will only stick out when wearing shorts etc. She’s in a garden and these things above are around her so I don’t mind you just add in all the above random stuff from her list and mine The things which I don’t want next to her because I don’t that being the pic that sticks out is the penguin and the cheetah so this can be near the top or in the middle I think the thing that’s she always had with her from small was her bunny so if that could be by her My nick name for her is bubs so be nice to have that somewhere in the drawings not massive but a small little spot Be nice if there one or two hearts as to show my love for her But that’s it feel free to do what you do I’m a fan of your drawings and when my other daughter is the same age I’ll get her drawn up for my other leg So I will have to photo copy the drawing so the artist can work with it so I don’t know if that means anything to you but I thought I’ll let you know If you have any other questions etc. my email is we have communicated on mail a while back Just to point out in the Pics with the girls Emma is on the far left and there is one on her own by the car i do prefer her with her down for the pic thank you for your time

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