This is a wedding present for my brother and Christine, his fiancée. I’l like a picture of the two of them. Their wedding song is Goo Goo Dolls ‘Come to me’. They come from Zim, he proposed at Matopos with sushi and champagne (no idea where he found that in Zim!) so would like some balancing Matopos rocks in the background. They lived in Cape Town together while at varsity so Table Mountain (ROWING, surfing, trail running, cycling also hobbies), and now have moved to London, so maybe a London thing – London Bridge or Big Ben or something recognizable. Other elements could be from their trips to Turkey, Sri Lanka and Iran (see Christine’s Insta and attachments). They’ve also been to Austria, The USA, Czech Repulic, France, Netherlands etc., together, so maybe a passport or passport stamps? They love travel, wine, cupcakes, sushi and adventures and each other. He has a masters in aeronautical engineering and an MBA from Cambridge. She has a masters in Architecture. Oh and they’ve been together since they were 15, so high school sweethearts from CBC and Girls College in Zim. Those school badges could be referenced? I have loaded a pic from when they were dating at school and a more recent one. And the school logos, and a pic of Matopoes. Is this enough in? I am sure whatever you do will be fab. I love them both and how they’ve taken life on on their own terms. They were at school when the country was imploding and have just made a go of things, despite having to shoulder lots of responsibility and heartache early on. I want this picture celebrate all that is wonderful about them. He’s my baby brother but I’m so proud of him and he inspires me every day!

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