Hey Nanna! I would like you to create this is for our one year wedding anniversary. The idea is to highlight things that we both enjoy (eating, traveling, each other, getting married, our cat, Tigger, who sadly passed away a couple of months ago, plants, etc.) Also to showcase a couple of landmark stuff that went down over the recent years. (immigrating from SA to Netherlands and getting married). My idea was to have us in the middle, smiling and looking in-love. Surrounded by awesomeness. I have attached a reference image called “Chad Rutter NV brief” – around the top edge I was thinking of a plane flying (maybe with our faces in 2 of the windows) from SA to NL you can also have a sort of outline style of a map along the top with pins on it (the pins represent the love of traveling we share) – you can make the stuff in any cool style you wish, you dont have to make them how they look now lol The idea of the noodles and stuff is that I was thinking of having noodles flowing from the side and a bunch of great ingredients (pertaining to thai food) flowing along the noodles with a pad thai dish too. On the other side we have branches flowing with monstera leaves, cool foods also shown (avo on toast, pizza, etc.) and a poke bowl dish. Tigger the cat could be anywhere, I have her around my shoulders, and included a little angel halo. this is just my brain farting out ideas. but please go wild. your style is the best and I trust your judgement on where it all goes and everything inbetween. Please see my wife’s instagram for more images of her/us – @wabi.sabi.gabi THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I’m super excited for this! Yay!

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