Hello! I hope you are well. My brother is turning 21 on the 10th of December. He is my favorite person in the whole world, and I would love to commission you to do an illustration of him. Some background: He is possibly the most intelligent person I know, he is witty and really hilarious. His sense of humour is dry and he is as sharp as anything. He loves games and series like World Of Warcraft, The Witcher, Lord of The Rings, and pretty much every marvel show and comic ever made. He wants to be a journalist and ultimately work for IGN and take over the world of gaming journalism. I think he spends about 15 hours every day on his computer. We have to take it with us everywhere we go and he cannot go on holiday without his laptop, kindle, game boy and psp. I once left one of his electronics at home and I had to buy him one at the airport because he was so traumatized that he had asked me to pack it and I just forgot 😂 He is a beautiful singer, and a poet and the kindest friend anyone could ever wish for. He has overcome so much in his life and I just wish I could give him something that was irreplaceable. He has cerebral palsy, and so is permanently in a wheelchair. He is the most brave person that I know and he has a heart of gold. He loves swimming, archery and our dog rocky, he is a golden retriever. I think that he feels the most free when he is playing games as he can be anything he wants to be and can walk or fly if he wanted to. When we go on holiday he spends hours in the ocean swimming as I think he feels like he has nothing prohibiting him from going where he wants to go. Please let me know if you need any other info. I will send some pictures of him. Ultimately I would like an artwork that shows him and our golden retriever Rocky and perhaps as some kind of superhero, or a world of Warcraft character. Something that is super epic and that he can hang in his “secret room”. That’s his Den where he has all of his computer stuff and all of his books. He also plays the guitar and has almost every sword from Lord Of the rings hanging on his wall. Oh he also only wears adidas shoes and he always wears a slogan tee with some sort of funny meme or slogan from Star Wars or gaming or something of the like. He is honestly the most amazing person and I would just love for you to draw him! I would love to be in the picture with him, I know that is a tough ask as I have already given you many details but if I could be in the picture with him that would be amazing. I don’t need to be over the top, I can be plain and he can look super cool! X

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