Hey Nanna,  I’d love to surprise my wife, Michelle with a little family portrait for our 3rd wedding anniversary. It’s the two of us and our (fur) child Holly (also known as ‘Peach’ or ‘The Peach’). We’re all pretty fun-loving and a little bit silly. Mich introduced me to yoga a few years back and we both practice a few times a week. We often walk with Holly on the mountain and she even became a celeb a few years back when she got lost (and rescued) on Lions Head for 36 hours. Perhaps you could incorporate Lions Head and a cropped piece of the Holly-wood sign, though I’m not too precious about the sign aspect if you don’t think it’ll work.  We both love photography, I’m a Filmmaker and Mich is a Creative Director (so pretty much your typical Capetonians). You could possibly incorporate some film-related objects – whether it be a drone in the sky, a film light or my camera (a Sony A7S III). Up to you. And maybe a camera for her too. We’re passionate about travelling and shoot loads on all our trips.  It’s obviously been an interesting year with lockdown. We started a weekly braai tradition using our trusty Weber every Friday night. Friday nights also included 2 candles and a challah (bread) as we’re both Jewish. I also finally learnt to play the guitar which I’m still really enjoying. Feel free to include any/none of this.  I know less is often more but in case you’re looking to fill up any space, we both love: Coffee & rusks, G&T’s, riding bicylces in new cities, Appleletters (like scrabble), movies, swimming and the beach.  So looking forward to having one of your colourful pieces in our home!  Lastly (and please REMOVE this paragraph if you post on social media), we have just found out that Mich is pregnant 🙂 – it’s very early days so please keep hush hush. If you could incorporate something really tiny that relates to the baby – even just a + symbol (that one finds on a positive pregnancy test) in a corner or something. It shouldn’t be noticeable to anyone else but I’d like something for us to have to remind us of this time but that’s our little secret.  Could I also be cheeky and ask if there’s any way I could get it on the 9th of February instead of the 10th. It’s our anniversary on the 11th and there’s a chance we may go away on the 10th. If not, it’s not a train smash. Thanks a mil!

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