Hi Anja, We’d really appreciate it if you could do a picture as a wedding gift for our good friends. Can you please draw Eric, Maxine and their dog Taco. I think the image I sent called” Engagement shoot.jpg” captures all 3 perfectly. But I will send more images for face reference. They live in Denver Colorado and are getting married in Vail, May 22, 2021. If possible, can we do a square illustration. Can we please add the below 5 points to illustration. And after that please feel free to use your own creative flair. 1. Can we do a magical winter, snow, forest inspired background. I sent some image reference of a typical Colorado winter landscape. 2. Eric’s a retired Hotshot (wildfire) firefighter. Can we have a part of the background trees on fire to reference his time spend fighting wildfires. (no clothing, hat or other reference necessary only some burning trees). 3. He’s also an avid snowmobiler, can we have his snowmobile standing in the background. 4. Max’s favorite animal is a fox, can we have a fox running through the woods. 5. You will see their dog Taco has one blue eye. If possible, can you make his one eye blue. If possible, can you make his one eye blue. If it works have an illustration of a taco lying next to the dog in the snow. Otherwise ignore. Ref image: “taco-illustration_9845-24.jpg” Bonus point: Would be nice to reference the wedding somehow. I was thinking bird/birds flying or siting in tree with wedding band in mouth. (See reference image called “Ring ref 1 & 2)) or any other way of symbolizing their wedding. Or just 2 wedding bands somewhere in the image (reference image : “Wedding band Ref 1.jpg & Wedding band Ref 2.jpg) I will send you pictures of everything mentioned above. Let me know if you need anything else?

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