So, looking to do a gift for my partner’s birthday including the two of us and our animals- we have 3 cats and a staffie doggo and a 4th kitten that recently died, if possible, could he be featured somewhere in the picture with a halo or wings or something His birthday is a month after our first anniversary and there is a wedding bells for end of next year- so this pic for me is to recap life as we know it so far, before the next chapter starts. He is a big fan of magic the gathering (card game), comics (batman primarily), cosmos, loves Cape Town, we often go for forest hikes at Eagle Nest side of the world. Not sure if you need more information or less? I love your style and anything you come up with would be rad. Xena- tabby, treecat, wild thing Sushi- black and white, Fatto catto! AKA Cowcat Elvis- The Elder, Old and wise, Naps like a boss Gina- Best. Staffie. Ever. Happy to be a part of anything, seal face and smiles all the way. Allistair- Sweet young Street Cat, mostly white, that met an untimely end, but formed a big part of our life this year. Please let me know if you need more or less? Or how I can make this happen <3 Thank you!

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