This is a gift to celebrate our friend’s move from NYC to a small town in Massachusetts (called Hopedale) where they bought a home. It’s quite a change from hustle and bustle to a quiet town, a small apartment to a whole house, subway life to car life. We want to give them something to hang on all that new wall space that they can look back on and remember this new beginning. We love your work that is in an oval shape. They are married but no kids or pets yet, just them and a bunch of houseplants. Doug is a film editor, loves movies, Star Trek, baking, and the outdoors. Adam teaches theater to children, knows everything there is to know about musicals, and also is a lover of classic cinema. Doug is the brunette and Adam the blonde. We’d love to have the two of them them standing in front of their new house, hugging or just affectionately close, looking out to us. In one corner could be a small round table with a bottle of red wine and two full glasses and the other side a little garden to growing vegetables and flowers. Doug can be wearing a T shirt that has the Queens Unisphere on it as a great reference to a shared memory. Adam usually has a button down with some nice pattern. We love the shirt he’s wearing in the picture in the trees, and that picture is the right level of facial hair for them both. You do such great night skies. If the USS Enterprise can be subtly up in there that would be super rad and a full moon. You are the best! <3 Maiko & Bob

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