I would love for you to capture our little family of 3 as a surprise for my girlfriend. We live in a small cottage in Harfield Village and are Cape Town obsessed. We have been together for 5 years and recently became puppy parents to our Jack Russell, Riley. Some of the things we love: – Swimming at Beta Beach – Coffee Missions + Market mornings – Travelling (we have traveled India, Sweden, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Phillipines together) and love our Durban holidays to the Oyster Box – Flowers Flowers Flowers – anything plant orientated – We love adventuring in any form (swimming, hiking, walking, running) and general outdoors – Wine and Pink Gin All I want the photo to capture is our little family, so myself and Kirsten and then our little pup Riley between us and anything of the above could be cool to include! The black and white photo in the references is one of our favourites and the title references the James Bay song, ‘Wild Love’.

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