Hi Nana, Our first wedding anniversary is coming up and what better way to celebrate it than us forever immortalised by you, I’m a big fan of your work. I would like a drawing that celebrates the love between my husband and I, our awesome friendship and our mutual love for all things food related. Johannesburg CBD holds a really special place in our hearts, we had many dates there when we were first getting to know each other, would you be able to incorporate rooftop/ city skyline imagery? We both have an irrational love for bold prints, African inspired prints are a favourite in our household. I’m planning on getting my husband a Maxhosa jersey for Christmas, he’s wanted one for as long as I’ve known him but we never got around to getting one, could you please draw him wearing his Maxhosa jersey? I hope I’ve been descriptive enough, let me know if you need more information. In addition to pictures of us, I’ve attached the Maxhosa jersey reference image. Kind regards, Thato

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