Hi Nanna! My boyfriend and I have a serious lack of photos together and with our anniversary coming up, I figured a portrait of us would be perfect. Okay for starters- Chris and I met in Mystics in Stellenbosch so if somewhere in the background there could be a sign saying Mystics that would be great. We also LOVE wine. He’s a musician that plays electronic quitar an piano, but quitar is more badass so maybe incorporate that. He’s also busy doing he’s masters in electronic engineering and it involes satellites in space. Oh, and he loves his film camera, his denim jacket and an all black outfit. Okay and then me, well I just have the biggest smile on my face whenever I’m with him. I’ve got lots of freckles and oh he’s got dimples. I’m also a fan of wearing denim jackets. I’m so excited to see what you come up with!

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