My good mate Martin is getting married to his high school sweet heart Kristen early next year (Feb sometime?) and was wondering if you could put something special together just for them.. Martin is a real manly man, not scared to get his hands dirty.. scruffy beard and a couple of tattoos and his ears pierced always with the widest smile across his face.. Kristen is pretty and petite big blue eyes and has an even bigger smile.. she likes really pretty things and seems to always have everything organized and in order.. They both really love the whole outdoors thing and they’re quite often spending their down time in either the Kruger Park or in Mozambique.. so maybe a nice African sunset in the background would be quite cool If you could include their little Wors hondjie “Annie” I think they would really love that 😊 thanks I’ve attached a couple of pictures of them but you’re more than welcome to check them out yourself to see what they look like and to get a feel? @kristen_kimble @martin_hurst17 I’m open to all your ideas and vision as well so would appreciate to hear them… If you could keep it a surprise until after I’ve given it to them that would be cool because I want to hand it to them as a gift on their wedding day… You can title it “Hitched to Hurst”

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