I would like a drawing of my wife and myself, walking on a beach hand in hand, facing forward (and footsteps behind us fading into distance) with the ocean on the right (as you face the drawing), sunrise over the ocean. The distance behind us I would like a dark blue with planets and stars and maybe a millenium falcon if possible, fading to a orange then yellow as the sun rises. Its the kitchen sink I know, but if you could put a red tesla roadster with starman (elon musk’s car that he sent into space) and “is there life on mars” written very small below or behind it It would be the best thing ever! On the beach behind us books…lots and lots of textbooks. We both just finished studying after more than a decade. In front of our feet running with her best toy our cat Polony (pawprints behind her). Ill attach a pic of the toy but she basically picks it up at the one end then chases the fluff on the other end. If possible a butcherbird (laksman) screaming at the cat (they terrorize her at home) on a branch or pole to right of the drawing (or swooping down on Polony). Sun would totally rock if it was a Rick-sun (from rick and morty),basically his crazy face as the sun’s face, some cartoony seasnails/shark/dolphins would also be nice. Lastly an arrow drawn in the sand pointing the way fwd, its a specific arrow we have tattood on our ring fingers, I can mail you a reference.

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