Hi Anja! For my dad’s birthday, my sister (Mia) and I (and Barack, our staffy) would love to give him one of your pieces. Will you please draw my dad with Barack by his side/ on his lap (you can draw myself and Mia next to them/ behind them). You’ll see on some of the photos that it looks as if Barack is smiling, so it would be great if you could draw him as if he were smiling. Also, you’ll see that Mia has two prominent beauty spots on her right cheek above her lip. And my dad wears a watch on his right wrist. Furthermore, my dad loves whisky, playing golf, and the bushveld (especially Namibia). References to these would be great please (maybe we can all drink a whiskey together, whilst being in a golf course/ sanddune setting with some gemsbokke in the faraway background). THANK YOU!!

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