We love your style and are hoping you can create an oval black/white commission piece for us to have Forever. Chris and I met working at a hotel in Palo Alto, California. We would love some kind of Brazillian twist anywhere. *We had our first date at the Dutch Goose (a random sports bar) having beers and peanuts. So maybe a Dutch goose? Or peanuts somewhere? I am just shouting ideas. Please, feel free to leave it out if you feel it to be too odd at any time. We lived above a liquor store and a smoke shop on El Camino Real in our first apartment together in San Mateo, California. It would be neat to incorporate a street sign with El Camino Real and the cross street to be Cates Cove where we currently live, maybe (just a thought)? We moved from California to Texas together in our little Chevy Sonic. We take a lot of road trips. We love coffee, food, beer, wine, travel, and our pets. We love visiting national parks and would love a Zion National Park inspired background. **We love medicinal adventures, so please add a tiny image of tasty mushrooms, please. If you post on Instagram please delete this part and it can be our secret, please** We would love our pets to have collars with round collar tags (if possible). Leo (dark grey cat) is very friendly and loves to play. Nikita (orange cat) is a tiny bit shy but super attentive. Charlie ( Black) Older than Malu, but physically smaller. Malu (Brown/Black) Youngest and SO ENERGETIC. Photos: We attached a photo of Zion park. It’s the only one with a giant mountain in the background. I attached too many photos, but I wanted to be sure I got your at least one good photo.

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