My wife Caroline turns 40 years old on 22nd of November 2018. I would love if you could create an illustration to capture 4 key stages of her wonderful life so far… 4 stages of caroline 1. Music and Drama Caroline (As a teenager, Caroline was in many stage productions at school and in the local town theatre). She played the lead of Calamity Jane in her school musical. She also won awards for Scottish country dancing, and plays many instruments – including saxophone. 2. Surfer Caroline. Caroline good surfer, and is a member of the JOXY girls. A group of Scottish women surfers and best friends. 3. Kids-camp Caroline has also worked at children’s summer camps in California, Malawi (for sick children), and Ireland (Barretstown – for sick children). 4. Super mummy Caroline: We now live in County Clare on the West Coast of Ireland, and Caroline is now a super mum to our two small children – Aidan (Aged almost 3 yrs) and Hazel (8 months old)

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