This is a Christmas gift for my dear husband, Werner. We recently became parents to a human baby, Alexa, which brings our family total to 5 (we also have two cats: Evie, the aloof grey and white cat, and Seun, the tabby with the personality of a labrador – please also include them). Werner is usually in jeans and T-shirt or collared/checkered shirt and a trucker-style cap. He belongs to an informal running club, Mountain Men. Please put their logo (attached) on his cap. I am wearing a lot of polka dot dresses at the moment – will attach pics of 2 that I own. Alexa’s eyes are usually wide open in wonder, she has fat, rosy cheeks and a sharp little chin. We recently moved and have an amazing Table Mountain view from our back yard. We love Cape Town, so this amazing landmark can form the backdrop (sure you must have done that soooo often – sorry!) We also have a big lemon tree in the back yard – perhaps that can also feature. Feel free to fill the rest of the space with any plants (even grasshoppers or lizards – Seun often brings them home 🙂 ). DANKIE! KANNIE WAGGIE!

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