Hi Nanna Hope you’re well!! We ‘spoke’ on Instagram… I’m PJ Kotze’s buddy… My girlfriend Beccy and I recently did a big cycle trip and I was hoping to get a commission to help us remember the best bits. I’ve emailed across a link to a Microsoft ‘OneDrive’ folder with the photos in it. Some things we’d like to be included if possible are: 1) Pictures of us riding our bikes (photos in the ‘People’ folder). We don’t want to be too big, maybe a similar size to the other things in the drawing, but leave it up to you! We’ve included some general pictures of us in the ‘People’ folder, and of our bikes (I’ve marked them ‘Tim/Beccy’s bikes’ in the photos… basically Tim’s is grey with black bags on front/orange bags on the rear of bike. Beccy’s is blue with red bags at the front and black at the rear. Both have ‘Surly’ written on the frame). Unfortunately we don’t have many pictures of us riding! We wore the same clothes pretty much the whole time, so could you put Beccy in a yellow top (example of colour is in the photo ‘beccy’s favourite top’) and Tim in a green one (example of colour is in the photo of ‘Tim’s favourite top’). Black shorts for both of us… I’ve included a bunch of photos of our faces without sunglasses as examples. Up to you whether you want to draw helmets on or not (Tim: blue helmet, Beccy: black helmet)! 2) Reference to the route we took. Perhaps incorporating the route map somehow (in ‘Other’ folder, marked ‘Route’) or the list of countries we went to (Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Armenia) in some sort of place-sign or something (example sign picture in ‘Other’ folder) 3) The food we ate! There’s a whole folder of this – kinkali, khachapuri, Georgian bread, ayran (a frothy yogurt drink). All in the folder ‘Food’. 4) Scenery – there were a LOT of hills, and we’ve included some pictures of winding roads and general pictures of the scenery to give you an idea (all in the folder titled ‘Scenery’). Some more specific things we saw that we would like to include are: Georgian/Armenian monasteries (several in the ‘Scenery’ album), strange rock formations (photos entitled ‘Goreme’), old Georgian bridges (photo ‘bridge’). The scenery was a mix of hills, fields, woodland, streams – everything really, so feel free to use the photos for inspiration! 5) Other important bits we would like included are: our tent (we spent a lot of time in there! Example pictures of the tent are in the ‘Other’ folder), Turkish guard dogs (we’ve included a picture in profile and one showing their distinctive collars they all had, in the ‘Other’ folder. The dogs normally chased us, so if they could be chasing us that would be great…! However they were a minor part of the trip, so not too prominent in the drawing, if that’s ok), landmine warning signs (photo in ‘Other’… made us watch where we camped sometimes!). 6) It was also very hot for most of it and we often filled up water from random taps at the roadside… if there’s a way to show this (drops of sweat coming off us? A sun somewhere? A small tap somewhere?) that would be great… If you need any other photos or have any questions, please let me know! And if all this is confusing, too much or a massive pain, also please let me know! We’ll be in Cape Town in mid Feb (around 19th/20th Feb)… would it be possible to pick it up then? Thank you, thank you again!!

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