Hey Nanna, thanks so much for the opportunity to have our family portrait drawn by a local artist, especially in such an eclectic style like yours. I am going for a “Family Portrait” approach, so it will be just us from the waist up. If you could pop in the faces of our 2 dogs (Dexter the Boston Terrier and Jack the Jack Russel) that would be awesome. Offcourse all our adventures involve Skye- our Defender 110, so if you could pop her in behind (perspective wise on top) that would be awesome. The text “Rautenbach van der Merwe Family” and “Est 2016” would seal the deal. Please ignore the goofy looking guy in the photo with Dexter – it’s my brother and he shouldnt be on the photo. The chubby girl & guy is me and Le Husband. The adorable little clone of Le Husband is our offspring, and his adorable face should be in as well. Cheers! (If you need better references let me know – we are notoriously bad at taking photos)

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