description and more pictures as per my mail ( “Her name is Laura Bonny (i mean HOW cool is even that name!?). She’s turning 28 and is the best person in the world. Here some facts for you to know about us: – she’s tall 6 feet and I’m not 5,4 feet – so it’s always that 20cm gap between the two of us – we love to build our human tower which is when I climb on her shoulders – Laura is half english (from Manchester) and half german – we both worked together for 5 years and travelled together last year for 10 months straight 24/7 and still endless love – we worked 4 months in the australian outback with all kinds of snakes, spiders, crocodiles, birds etc in an aboriginal rock art safari lodge – that’s where we’ve got the name “Bobbsey Twins” from as everyone was saying we were glued to the hip – we both love yoga, hip hop and beautiful things a lot of girls like (spa days, shopping, candles hahaa..) – we do both read a lot .. either scary psycho stuff or self motivation books – Laura LOVES whales (that’s the only thing which really would need to be in the drawing) – she has a super beautiful face but seems to not know – Laura has many (over 17) tattoos – I only do have one on my wrist (outline of a heart) – we both have a bellybutton piercing and have our eara pierced – Laura has a very good style and loves to wear boots even when it has 30 degrees and mostly she weares black. Girly but cool and most preferably she loves to see herself on a cool black leather jacket – I would say my style is a bit more colourful and more girly – we both would never say no to a good glass of rosé – Laura has dark brown hair and eyes, my hair is a bit lighter and my eyes are brown-greenish – atm we both wear our hair around should length.. Laura often wears her hair in a messy bun or if it’s open she straightens her natural curls. I mostly straighten my curls too and wear it open or in a ponytail”

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