Approved by Anja via Instagram for 10th August delivery. Some background – we’ve been long distance since the pandemic lockdown here in the UK and for this year’s theme of the card, I want to raise spirits of the adventures we will get to continue in our relationship once we’re able to be back together again and things return to ‘the new’ normal. I have a bit of whacky idea so sorry in advance! Haha. I’ve attached below a selfie of my boyfriend and I last year when we hired out motorbikes in Crete whilst on a family holiday (not to say I condone us taking the photos – very dangerous!) But it’s a good example to show what I’m looking for with my idea for this print. It’s a fun memory that trip and so like to have the composition of this photo with Rory in the front and me in the back. When we returned to our accommodation with the bikes, as it was on a steep hill, I had to rev myself and the bike up to the house and especially on the last bit had to add a little gas, however and as I got onto the driveway, lost a bit of control and speedily fell into the driveway and skidded with the motorbike landing over me. I wasn’t hurt at all thankfully and as I’m naturally quite clumsy, it was quite fitting to happen to someone like me and is now seen as a funny memory with his family and us looking back. It would be quite nice to add some humour to the print, with me in the background with the motorbike on top and me saying “Wait up!” Additionally I would like to add some extras further into the background, behind the Greek landscape symbolising new adventures we have to look forward to, to show all we have to do is wait and we’ll be able to continue working towards these things again. We would like to go to Japan together at some point so maybe have some references to Japan (mount Fuji/blossom trees) on one side and references to home here in London to say to him, it doesn’t matter if it’s in Japan or London, we’ll have more adventures to look forward to. Also we plan to move in together as soon as we get our ducks in a row and hopefully get a dog further down the line so a small reference somewhere to a dog in the background would be nice too. I imagined it in your signature black and white print, hopefully that won’t limit you too much. I’ve attached other references below of us (sorry if they’re not very clear – we don’t take a tonne of photos). References attached: – Motorbike selfie – Images of us (I know I won’t be technically fully formed in the image but just in case you need it to get a likeness of me) – Dog – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (dream dog!) Instagrams: @kelbiggins @rorybryans Thanks for your help with this! Kelly

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