A picture of my gay best friend and his finance with their 3 for babies please. Jaques (GBF) favourite things are pizza, joints (dagga) & play station. He os a hopeless romantic and he makes every occasion extraordinary- for example Halloween- he will dress like Dracula and decorate the entire inside and outside of the house, no matter how much effort it is. He is superbly talented with home decor and gardening. His home is a masterpiece of individual space, designed to the max. Adrian (finace) is just as gifted when it comes to food – OMGoodness can he cook, bake and design. They both love and appreciate the small pleasures of life and appreciate sunsets, movie nights and family / friend time with gin and tonics. They complimented eachother perfectly! There house address is Serendipity (like the movie) on Green (because the street name is green and because dagga is green). If you could please try and incorporate Serendipity on Green into your artwork masterpiece?

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