As a gift to my partner for our 10 year anniversary. I’d like you to include me, Lizé, my better half Chris and our two dogs Francesca and Tannie Stienie/Foxie (depends on who you ask. She has 2 names on her tag) I like the moon rock and roll drawing painting and sewing. Chris likes the stars and is a movie nerd. He also lives for technology and computer gaming. He is a bit of an eccentric and gets people worked up sometimes by saying inappropriate things. His tshirt has to say Totes Inappropes. He has great hair. I have crazy hair. We both like gardening and diy things around the house. Our garden is becoming more like a jungle every year. Francesca is a Spaniel cross Labrador. She has beautiful soft golden locks/ears and loves cuddles, swimming and walks in the park. She also has the coolest poofy paws. Often mistaken for a Golden Retriever puppy she is turning 5 this year. Tannie Stienie is a Foxterrier. She is black and white with very long legs, quite awkward and we are unsure how old she is. Got her when she was about 8 and that’s about 4 years ago. She is half blind and mostly deaf but can still hear high pitched whistles. She has an almost completely black face and pointy ears that now has some greys. She loves moaning, pacing around the garden and on our tile floor (she sounds like she is wearing stilettos so also sometimes referred to as clicketty click) She lives for delicious food and happiest when she catches the smell. She joins us for walks but mostly a bit reluctantly and moans. I know I’m prob giving you more info than you need… Except for the T-shirt you are free to do as you please on this one.

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