Hi Nanna/Anja I’ve wanted one of your pieces of art forever. My friends are useless and didn’t get me one for my birthday, so I’m getting one for my boyfriend. His birthday is only in October but you have a wedding and honeymoon, congratulations 😁 So, the boyfriend is @fabiansing. He is obsessed with Star Wars, Blink 182, photography (I think you know him). I love flamigos, pandas and delicious monsters (the plant) and BEER. I have an asshole cat who I also love, Leia/Layla/Terror. Maybe something like the pink couple photos but with his face. I’d prefer to have long hair (trying to be a model pink photo) please because I hate my short hair 🙈 I would like us three in the picture and in colour, as much as possible 😁 I’m in joburg. Please can it be delivered to my work address: Rainbow Productions, 1st floor, block 2, 66 Peter Place, Hurlingham, Gauteng, 2096 What else do you need? When will it be ready and how much will it be? Thank you! Yay! I’m So excited I could cry 😭😁❤️ Candice @candapanda

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