I’d like to surprise my husband, Stuart, with one of your pieces for Christmas. Stu and I are homebodies and love spending time in our house together in Harfied Village. I would love it if could you draw us standing behind the kitchen counter with a teapot and a couple of teacups in front of us because that is where we spend a lot of our time. Stu is a fun-loving and relaxed guy. He teaches at a boys high school and spends his spare time gardening. He is very into plants and we have them all around the house so it would be great if you could include some shelves with cascading plants in the background or perhaps some indoor potplants (we have many!) Stu also loves longboarding (skating) – I was thinking that perhaps you might be able to include a reference to that on his t-shirt in the piece. I enjoy reading and crafting when I’m at home. Specifically sewing (my own clothes) and knitting. Including references to books or sewing would also be cool. Lastly, I’ve included a picture of some of the artwork that we have on our wall in our home- it would be great if you could include those too if space allows.

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