I am missing my mother’s 60th birthday (27 Dec) this year, because… well 2020. I’d really like to get her a special gift to show her how much she means to me. My mother has been through so much adversity over the last few years and came out on the other side shining brighter than ever. My father passed away in 2014 and she’s had to deal with so much more than her devastating grief. I’d really like for her to be depicted as a superhero in the centre with my sister and me next to her – sidekicks or superheroes in training. I’m happy for you to have fun with the background fit for a superhero team, but it would be great if there was something small that represented an angel’s presence to represent my father. It was not easy following the guidelines for the reference photos because we love a selfie, so I hope what I’ve provided is suitable.

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