Pete and I had our “meet cute” on Clifton 4th beach 5 years ago (March 16th 2014). Long story short, he managed to build up the courage to ask for my number and we ended up going on a date that night involving sushi and the moonlight mass cycle through town. Because we met on a full moon, we like to measure our relationship according to the number of full moons spent together. So a reference to the full moon would be great. Although we’ve currently been living in jhb for the last 4 years, we are both happiest when we’re by the coast (specifically knsyna/st Francis bay) Pete is a man of many talents with a love for all water sports. I would love you to reference his passion for surfing/kite surfing, and playing guitar. He is also known for the funky buffs he wears when exercising and cannot exercise without one. (See photo) I’m a born and bred EC girl with a love for yoga, and any reality show to do with cooking/food (I tend to be our home cook) Some of our nicknames for each other: I call him my “old boy”/ “my hawski”, he calls me “Sydi Slicker”/“cheeky chicken”. We both love to dance together any opportunity we get, and for us quality time involves any outdoor (preferably coastal) activity as well as sharing delicious meals together. Side note: we both have a big sweet tooth, and we are obsessed with dogs and can’t wait to have our own fury friend one day! Sorry if there’s too much info haha! Let me know if you need more photos

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