Hi there! I spoke to Tabitha about the due date and if we can be done before 4 March, it’ll be fantastic! I would please like a family portrait including my husband, our daughter, our dog and myself. Picture 1 is an idea of the layout, but I would love it if you can do my husband’s face without the sunglasses. Picture 2 and 3 are the original images for the layout. Picture 4 to 11 are various other references for our faces and proportions. Now, I’m going to tell you a bit about ourselves and then you can go wild with the details in the illustration. The only thing I would really like is a banner at the bottom saying: Die Burgers (like the Van Coke picture in your gallery). We love outdoor adventures and recently moved to Hoekwil (tiny mountain village next to Wilderness). My husband is into very obscure sci-fi. His favourite movie of all time is 2001: A Space Odyssey. We are filmmakers by occupation. We met on a filmset, started a company and have been working together ever since. It’s really our biggest passion.

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