Hi there! Our really cool dad is turning 70 this year and to celebrate our family is heading to Turkey for a week – my plan is to take this with as his birthday gift (the extra prints are for my sister and I). Our family started travelling when we were really young and this is our absolute fav activity – would love to maybe have you build in some pictures of some of the places we have gone to together in the background of the pic – Paris, Australia, London, Turkey, DisneyWorld – those probably have the most recognisable features! A bit about some of our family members: Dad – my sister and i started calling him Dude when we were young – he is cooler than most of us – he is skinny with no hair, looks like Steve Jobs, used to be a psychologist, he drives a red scooter (would love to have that in the pic), is a master at his bowls club and is super good at yoga. Mom – she is beautiful and classy, never cooks but cleans like a machine, reads all the time, walks every day and never misses pilates. Nina – my sister 3 years’ younger than me. But taller and skinnier with crazy long blonde hair:) Married to Pete. She runs her own pajama business called @nightire – would be awesome if she had one of the night sets on in the pic. Pete – my brother in law – super tall, blonde, Swedish. Works as an Investment Banker in London – pls put him in a suit 🙂 And me – 32, love cooking, reading, playing the piano, travel. I head up Finance at a big IT company. I always wear dresses with my hair down and you cant see my eyes when i smile. 🙂 I cannot wait to see what you come up with for this – it is such a privilege to have us, as we are now, caught in this moment. Much love in advance, Lise

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