Hi Nanna, I’d love it if you could draw my best friend Gabi and I. We love cartoons so if you could draw her on the right wearing a Princess Carolyn (from Bojack horseman) outfit with her skin being the same pink tinge. And me, with a Bojack outfit on the left, maybe a green/purple/alien tinge on my skin. My hair changes often but is currently short and white/grey ish. Could you also add in my glasses, eyebrow ring and necklace to my look. Could you draw her holding her cat, Bamba, and me holding her dog (a fat chihuahua named Brown Dog) with a small sombrero on. In the background, I’d love a sunset scene from Adventure Time, maybe with Finn and Jake’s treehouse. Also would love if you could add Lion from Steven Universe and Lady Rainicorn from Adventure time in the background if theres space. Thank you so much! I look forward to giving it to her as a birthday present.

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