My dad loves his fur babies (mutsaliks as he likes to call them). I think he loves them more than my sister and I. It is his birthday and I know he would cherish having an artwork with him and his 4 favourite kids. There is never any space on the couch for anyone else because they come first; so an image with them hanging on the couch together would be ideal (attached reference gives a great indication). The Cocker Spaniel is really over protective of him – so if this dog could be lying on him or snuggling up to him, that would be a sentimental touch. He also has a pond of Koi fish who are also like his children. Maybe a mural of 5/6 Koi Fish of different colours can be placed in the background. If there is space, my dad really loves sweets and going to the Bush. Not sure how this can be incorporated. My dad also sneaks a zap sign into most pictures, very subtly – it would be hilarious if this was in the image.

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