Peter and I have a love story spanning 9 years of friendship before we FINALLY started dating. He is my best friend and the greatest love of my life. He makes me want to be a better human and constantly has me in fits of laughter with his good/bad puns. It’s also a bonus that he is very easy on the eyes ;). This year, Luna the cutest Beagle X became part of the team. They always say you will never know love, until you have a child and guess what, she is another type of love imaginable. They are the best adventure I have ever been on and I don’t want it to stop. I feel so #blessed to have these two in my life. My little family. My home. Peter and I are really into music (hardcore, hip hop, indie). We also love plants – any type – lots of them! Cape Town is also a special place to us :). Luna is a complete weirdo with the best personality. She is still a puppy who loves chew toys! Her floppy ears are the best. We both have a lot of tattoos, but it may be easier to put us in long sleeves. I love my baggy denim jacket and Peter is always in band T-shirts (Power Trip would be a cool logo to add here for him). I have added two of your commission gallery image for an indication because I’m really bad at explaining stuff. Thank you <3

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