“Family portrait for my husbands 40th. Circle format similar to the one you did for Tarina (she gave me your details) – Myself, husband Graham, 3 dogs – Kazi (terrier), Pepsi (collie cross) & Miso (pug). Hubby also adores his 4×4 Jeep (“Tendai 2.0” is its name) so I guess it would make sense its somewhere in the graphic if it works otherwise leave out? will add a pic and you decide. His rugby nickname is “Milf” – which is quite funny to I guess. He also loves beer and droewors ;-). Rest I’ll leave up to your creative genius! His birthday is on the 1st of March – so I realise it’s pushing it, but if there is any way possible to get it out just before – I’m happy to pay a rush fee. Thank you! My number is 0836586640. Email:

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