I saw the piece you did for a friend of mine, Margie Ackermann, and absolutely loved it! I would really like to get something like that for my sister. My sister is my best friend and she’s really meant the most to me over the past 20 years. I’d like a piece where the two of us are sitting together (in a similar fashion as a picture I’ll attach). If possible, the background should look like the view from our beach house — I’ll also attach a photo of that. Tiny symbols that are important to us that would be great if included: – A small sun. Simple, outlines only. – The date 27/03/58 – 24/06/12. It could even be included as a tattoo on my arm or something. – The initials JJB – A white rose – A badge that has some type of fashion logo (maybe a needle or a lipstick etc.) on it – the phrase “beter driekwart” written into the background somewhere – a snowglobe with a pair of snowboards in it – a camera – a manga book. The cover should contain the Japanese for the phrase “you are my sunshine”, あなたは私の日差しです I hope this isn’t too much. I would really appreciate it!

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