I want to an artwork to celebrate our relationship together which is full of adventure and that we are each other’s safe space too. We both love music and communicate with eachother through it. So the title “never in my wildest dreams” is a song he dedicated to us. You will see Fleetwood Mac’s logo and the lyrics “hold me” can appear somewhere. “For you to be here”, “Wild heart” , “Moments” , “in apostrophes” “two feet” are all our favourite songs that can appear too. We call each other “Partners in crime” which can appear somewhere too. Elements: his land rover defender 110 and rooftop tent ( our road trip adventures) , orca whale, Ginger cat ( our cat), different types of plants (see refferences), a small Ganesh (represent our first international trip together) , the flamingo lights can hang from somewhere, and the Afrikaburn logo could also appear somewhere too in the distance. We both love music festivals, Endless D aze being favourite. We both love to party together, but we mostly love being calm together. Ashley can be drawn: with his hair tied back, huge smile, middle finger as in image attached, wearing dungarees and white T-shirt, red camera strap around his neck with his Pentax camera. Please see images of his tattoos that could stick out. Holding me against him with his other arm. No glasses. Fran can be drawn: on the left of Ashley, hair down, no glasses, no hat, big eyes ( he loves my eyes :), huge smile, zapping the middle finger, fingers have rings on, wearing high waisted bikini bottoms, topless ( see ref pic for nipples :). Hair dangling slightly on either side infront of nipples like a mermaid. Other arm around Ashley. Not sure if this is enough detail 🙂 I just want an artwork that celebrates our friendship and love for each other. Thank you Nana xxx I envisioned a landscape ( of the beach combined with Afrikaburn) which are our places we fell in love. The photo of me and Ashley smiling with our middle fingers in the air must be the centre piece

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